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Welcome to ADG, your premier provider of cutting-edge cloud, Data, Cyber Security and Google Workspace solutions across Africa. With strategic locations in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Dubai and South Africa, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the digital age.

Experience the power of the cloud with ADG. Explore our comprehensive suite of services and discover how we can help you unlock your Businesses full potential in the digital landscape.

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Professional, Cost-effective, Sophisticated, and Robust Solutions

As a born and bred African business, we understand the landscape and unique challenges that come with working across our beautiful continent. Our business solutions are cost-effective, sophisticated, and robust.

We are a certified Google Partner in Africa with an experienced team. We have managed some of Africa’s largest multinational cloud collaboration projects and overseen the strategic implementation of transformative cloud solutions for leading organisations in Retail, Gaming, Sports Betting and Casino, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Travel and Real Estate.

An Introduction to Google Cloud

Easy with Africa Digital Group

Google Cloud products and services address challenges companies may be facing in their industry so that they can digitally transform, innovate, and drive their business even further. The products and solutions offered can help companies modernize their infrastructure, develop new applications to transform customer experiences, manage data at scale to build new capabilities, and generate insights from data with smart analytics.

Cloud technology is all of the technology and processes needed to store, manage, and access data running on programs that are transferred to the cloud.

Google Cloud provides solutions, products, and services that help companies digitally transform.

To help our customers address their business challenges: Google Cloud delivers:
  • Security and reliability
  • Predictive data analysis capabilities, and
  • High-performance analytics

Google Cloud addresses customer business challenges using a customer-centric approach to align business needs to solution themes and Workloads.
Google Cloud’s five Solution themes are:
• Optimize Infrastructure
• Data-driven transformation
• Build and Innovate
• Modernize Security
• Transform Work
Solutions are broad solutions to the given business problem.
Workloads are executable, specific projects that help solve a broader solution problem.

Meet Google Cloud

Google Cloud Umbrella

Within the Google Cloud umbrella are more than a hundred products and services that customers can use to digitally transform their business. Google Cloud’s comprehensive solutions range from Infrastructure as a Service to Platform as a Service for enterprises.

Value of Google Cloud

Businesses are moving to Google Cloud because of the value it provides to companies. Google Cloud enables companies to:


Reduce infrastructure costs


Improve reliability and scale smoothly 

Gain more value from data; Predict business outcomes
Rapidly build new apps and experiences
Connect to business platforms of services and partners
Make teams productive with secure devices

Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise brings value to companies by combining the speed, security, and ease of management of Chrome OS, with cost-effective Chrome devices and the optimal user experiences of the Chrome browser.

Chrome Enterprise consists of:


Chrome browser


Chrome OS


Chrome devices

Complete online solution

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a package of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications provided by Google. It serves as a primary hub for a variety of applications and services aimed at facilitating successful collaboration among individuals and teams.

end-to-end security solutions

Best-in-Class Security

We deliver end-to-end security solutions from the data centre all the way to the device with a purpose-built infrastructure and security by default. How do we do this? Here are a few proof points.


Secure by design

One of the largest privately managed networks, minimizing risk of customers being exposed to the public internet.

Data protection

Redact sensitive data with 90+ predefined detectors.

Secure by Default

Google also encrypts data at rest by default.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Embedded AI/ML

We embed intelligence in everything, making it easy for businesses to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in their organizations. How do we do this? Here are a few Democratize AI/ML proof points:

AutoML & BigQuery ML

Enable teams without data scientists to use AI/ML with capabilities not offered by competitors.

Depth of AI/ML

Speech-to-Text offers 125+ language variants, more than AWS or Azure.

Accelerate Time to Decision

Google TPUs are 15-30X faster than contemporary GPUs and CPUs.

Fully Managed No Operations

Fully Managed No Ops

We strive to make cloud easy to use by automating manual tasks and configuration wherever possible, so teams can focus more on development and less on managing infrastructure.

Ease of use

BigQuery automatically scales to thousands of cores in seconds. AWS and Azure require manual configuration.

Fully managed open source

Google has the only open-source marketplace that provides unified billing, support, and experience for leading cloud services.

Optimize spend

Automatic discounts and right-sizing deliver savings for compute workloads.

hybrid or multi-cloud or something in between

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

We believe in an open cloud, and we have designed Google Cloud to support whatever system best suits our customer’s needs—whether hybrid or multi-cloud or something in between.

Innovative hybrid & multi-cloud platform

Only Anthos enable application deployment and management on-premises and across clouds, with 100% software solution and no hardware lock-in.


Google Cloud’s Apigee API management platform enables enterprises to more easily connect legacy and modern workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Avoid lock-in with open source

Google is the #1 contributor to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the creator of Kubernetes, which has been adopted by AWS and Azure.


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Our skilled team is composed of Google-certified professionals, and as a certified Google Partner in Africa, we have extensive experience in managing major multinational cloud collaboration projects across the continent. Let us do the same for you.