Google announces the launch of its Johannesburg cloud region in South Africa, offering high-performance, secure, and low-latency cloud services to businesses across the continent. With Africa’s internet economy projected to reach $180 billion by 2025, Google has committed $1 billion to support digital transformation, focusing on infrastructure, talent development, and startups. The new cloud region aims to accelerate the African tech ecosystem, providing resources for scaling, innovation, and global competition.

The Johannesburg region joins Google’s network of 40 cloud regions and 121 zones, connected via a secure network of fiber optic cables. Additionally, Google offers training programs and support for startups, contributing to over $263 million in funding and 2,800 jobs created across Africa.

The launch has garnered enthusiasm from organizations like Moniepoint, Pepkor IT, MTN Group, FNB, Liquid C2, and Africa Digital Group, who anticipate leveraging Google Cloud’s capabilities for digital transformation. The partnership between Google Cloud and African enterprises signals a commitment to empowering the continent’s growth across various sectors including agriculture, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services.